Straight From The Shoulder

by Slippery Dip & The Playground

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released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Slippery Dip & The Playground Gold Coast, Australia

Slippery Dip & The Playground is inside the brain - shower songs - a 6 year old.

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Track Name: Diamondguy
i didnt wanna die but i did today
cause i did not take my pill pressed yesterday
or the day before

out the corner of my eye
a diamond guy passes by
shiny and bright
stride by stride

I’m offered a gift
but i respectfully decline
because i can’t offer anything back

a gift is a gift
if its offered by an altruistic being
you have no obligation to do anything in return
in their eyes

i struggle with this, nonetheless
i like being on even terms with people
and sometimes, i expect people to treat me as i do them

there’s nothing particularly wrong with this
though, it effects me negatively
when it doesn’t work out as above

realistically, i should just do the things i do
because it’s who i am
not because i expect the world to follow suit

man, its actually pretty ridiculous
i think i’m getting better though

better at distancing myself from people
and not becoming so emotionally attached from the get go

it stems from having such close friends for such a long time
i got hurt easily when things didn’t go as they should have

and i carried this into newly formed relationships